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Light’s Vengeance is a joint project from developers Symmetry vanilla, Vengeance and Light’s hope. On the hand , this is an opportunity to once again feel the atmosphere of fresh and crowded locations, while others can practice speed sweeping dungeons and raids.

Together, we give the opportunity to pass TBC content to the players of their vanilla servers. Players will be able to enjoy the figment of years of development on the cMaNGO.

• the Venge team created The cMaNGO.

Why should you buy Light’s Vengeance TBC 2.4.3 gold?
Because this server is a full-working , doesn’t have lags and has fast respawn. .
Would you like to have crazy experience? Don’t lose your chance!
At the moment, Light’s Hope is the largest and most high-quality project among the classic World of Warcraft servers.
What are you expecting?

• Dire Maul has opened.
• Azuregos added to the game.
• magicians can get food / water at level 55.
• New improvements are available for helmets and breeches in the Dire Maul library.
• Hunter’s pets have zero resistance after taming.

On this server playing is a pleasure.
Firstly, you can start, if you have 58 level.
Secondly,you can have less than 2000 gold!
Thirdly, it is a PvE server and developers have created complicated bosses.
The content is a gradual.
Fourthly,Multi boxing is allowed.
So,when you buy Light’s Vengeance TBC 2.4.3 gold, you will get:

•gold in stock;
•low prices;
•unlimited possibilities in order to improve your character;
•fast-developed upgrade;
•enjoying pleasant atmosphere;
•honest and safety payment.

You agree that it is worth it!

If you hadn’t bought Light’s Vengeance TBC 2.4.3 gold yet, you lose a lot of things, so unforgettable emotions and gripping, amazing and exciting feelings.

What are you waiting for? Don’t lose time and buy Light’s Vengeance TBC 2.4.3 gold!!!!
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