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Dual Universe introduction

Dual Universe is a sci-fi MMORPG sandbox game set in a vast, fully editable universe with the player-manageable in-game economics, politics, trade, and wars. The only limitation in this large-scale project is fantasy.


Ground vehicles, ships, buildings, cities, as well as intergalactic flights and space stations are waiting for the gamers. Buy Dual Universe Quanta from needmana.com and you can do it faster. It is actually the first game in which potentially millions of players can interact with each other within the same giant universe. The authors call it Single-Shard. There is no server division here – only one huge permanent universe that never stops.

Everyone you meet in it are people, so your social interactions will stimulate the gameplay.  This means that each of your actions makes sense and affects the course of events. You can fight and make deals, cooperate or betray allies – the choice is yours. Dual Universe Quanta offers the most realistic economic system ever created in games; it has a place for creativity, industrialization, logistics, trade and competition. Every gamer can become the greatest innovator and control the world with their creations and developments. Players can combine their skills and create companies, build giant space stations; thus, the possibilities here are practically unlimited.

Although much in Dual Universe is created by the hands of players, the currency here is one for all and is given from above – it is Dual Universe Quanta. You can easily buy Dual Universe Quanta from needmana.com to afford digital products ingame.  The whole economy will depend on the players themselves, and the main idea is that you can choose any game style and find your own niche.

A specific feature of the Dual Universe will be the presence of a developed market economics in it. The NPC traders will have to give the start of the economics development at the beginning of the game. After that, the players themselves will be able to interact with each other in the inside-game market. Finally, all the NPCs will be purposefully removed from the market in order to transfer the total control over it to the players, thereby starting a simulation of the real economics. To simulate the market with Dual Universe Quanta, the game will have two special modules.

Market Module

The first of the two special modules is for trading. The market module is your store and auction house, at the same time. In Dual Universe, to create a market, you will only need to install this module, which you can assemble and install on any design that belongs to you. The market module will need a power supply and a container for storing goods. All this can be either something small, like the size of the front door of your small farm, where passing travelers could buy locally-made goods, or something with the size of the orbital station at which giant interstellar ships are loaded and unloaded.

Information module

The second module used in the intra-gaming economics is an information module. This module provides pricing and availability information for buyers or sellers of various items that are collected from all market modules in the system. The information module operates using the principle of goods exchange, where the buyer or seller places their “order” for a specific product. Thus, the player has the opportunity to instantly purchase an item at the current price. But at the same time, the player must be aware of the location of the market module in which his order is located. Although it is possible to order an item, according to the means of the information module, you will still need to reach the desired market module in order to pick up the order, because physical objects, such as resources or something like that, cannot simply be taken and teleported from one point to another.

Game release date:

September 27, 2022




Windows (PC)

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