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Update from 27.12.2023 (0.14 patch fresh wipe) – We are continue to sell roubles. Place your order as usually. Trade via flea market. RMT will not die.

Attention! For ordering u need to be 15 lvl + already have some rubles and items with mark from raid!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact – tested_01 or HansC#1444 or hmu vi!a online chat


Escape From Tarkov is a multi-player hardcore first-person shooter that takes place on the territory of alternative modern Russia.

We provide Escape from tarkov rubles (eft roubles) money and items.

Selling EFT money – price per 1 mil roubles.

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Support discord – tested_01 and HansC#1444

How to buy tarkov roubles? 3 steps
1. Fill in the field “Quantity”.
For example if you want to buy 10 mil tarkov roubles.
tarkov cash
Then click “Add to cart”
2. Go to the Cart page and click Proceed to Checkout.
3. After payment you contact us via online chat/discord/skype and get your order.

How do i know if this is legit?
We have ownedcore and epicnpc profiles with feedback,  just Google it.

Tarkov money

We value our reputation and we do our best to maintain it high.

How do you transfer EFT money?
Trade methods for eft cash – trade in raid or (and) after wipe via flea market and your character must be 10 lvl.
For small orders like 10 mil we will trade docs case with bitcoins in raid.
For high amount we will trade docs case with keycards and you should put it in flea market and we’ll buy it.
We are don’t pay for flea market fees anymore.

How to pick up items fast to your alpha/gamma container? You must read this one!
1. Look at item and don’t press any key
EFT money
2. Scroll down 1 time
scroll down
3. Choose “Take”
Take tarkov roubles
4. Then press F key
press F key to pick up money

Escape from Tarkov is a game that includes multi-use realistic plotting hardcore online playing with combat simulator. Game was created by Battlestate Games. It based on Unity engine. Game was reported on 5 November in 2015 year. In 2016 it had closed alfa-betta testing, but since 2017 it had has closed betta testing. On twenty-nine March in 2019 Battlestate’s developers reported about premier first episode on YouTube Chanel. Game’s plot occurs in fiction Тorway region in Tarkov street, economic zone between Europe and Russia, where incessantly wars happened and is available for multiplayers. Due to wars people fell panic and massively refugees were running.
inhabitants begin uniting in different community, like armed bands, that make war in order to get redistribution city. Player becomes one of the mercenary, outlives Beginning Tarkov’s conflict and feels terrifying atmosphere. Player have to go hard way and get out of city. Everyone has own way, choosing survival of madness. Wars occurs between USEC, company was employed by scandalous , famous, international organization, called Terra Group, and BEAR, organization was created by order Government of the Russian Federation for give opposite evidence against USEC.
Players can research unforgettable Tarkov’s places,surrounding, huge, remote, large, buildings, manufactures, closed offices, zones, bases and localities. Also gammers find useful and helpful mine of information in order to understand occurrences in this town, unite with former enemies for escape of Tarkov.
Plot has characters, such as:
All in all, this game is a very exciting, interesting and has thrilling experience.
Don’t lose waste of time and try to play!
Here we offer you buying cheap Escape From Tarkov money rubles (roubles) and items. It is a right place for bargain-hunting players.

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    Very fast delivery, no problem, bought 60 mil roubles

  2. N*** K*** (verified owner)

    Everything went well and as expected. Im happy with my purchase.

  3. N***** (verified owner)

    Nice guy, fast and easy. Very accommodating bought 30mil roubles

  4. NK (verified owner)

    Very reliable and fast services! Buy with confidence eft money!

  5. B***** (verified owner)

    Legit. Very fast delivery. Really good guy. For sure i will buy another one.

  6. 010101 (verified owner)

    Everything went as it should, super quick.

  7. Franky (verified owner)

    Super nice, fast and high quality! 100% GUARANTEED NO SCAMS. EASY!

  8. Nik (verified owner)

    This was my 2nd order buying eft roubles! Excellent as always! Thanks!

  9. Matt G (verified owner)

    Fast, paid for flee market fees, easiest site I’ve used.

  10. V******* (verified owner)

    5 Stars , Really fast and Fun!!!!

  11. B**** (verified owner)

    20 mil roubles even covers the listing fee, really pretty fast

  12. John (verified owner)

    Skeptical at first but turned out to be legit really fast too will order again for sure.

  13. Z****** (verified owner)

    Fast delivery 10/10 would buy again

  14. Ken (verified owner)

    Fast, cheap, and gave a little bit extra cash.

  15. Damon (verified owner)

    fast timing gave me more money than i paid for very nice guy

  16. F**** (verified owner)

    Nice guy, fast and easy. Very accommodating and easy to work with.

  17. A poor Slav (verified owner)

    I was hesitant at first. But the delivery was convenient and smooth. Seller helped me throughout the process. Also nice memes.

  18. J*** (verified owner)

    Easy 40mill delivery, fast service and a good guy!

  19. cantsay

    Legit! works! easy to work with

  20. Daniel (verified owner)

    Was delighted that within less than 5 mins i was in conversation with Hans and had my order, completely legit and helped the entire time.. definitely will be using again !!

    thanks Hans

  21. Peter griffin Sanders (verified owner)

    10M purchase
    online in chat right away
    good method
    solid seller!

  22. T***** (verified owner)

    Amazing experience i recomend!

  23. A***** (verified owner)

    10 mil used online chat super fast. Thank you so much!!

  24. kyle (verified owner)

    everything worked perfectly quick easy and the admins are nice would prefer this site over any other!

  25. Nikolas (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd transaction with these guys! Everything went smooth as always! Very reliable and trustworthy! Thanks!

  26. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great customer service and the rep personally helped me all the way through with the order. Very friendly and will absolutely return again in the future.

  27. Tony (verified owner)

    Extremely Easy to work with and buy from and had them delivered within 15 minutes. Came back again to buy.

  28. Nero

    I contacted the seller via dicord to ask about the process for the trade in a raid. He answered all questions very patiently and was very friendly. The trade was instant and we ecountered no problems. For people reading comments like I did before I bought and feel unsure to buy here. This two guys are legit and it is really safe. So to sum all up, got in touch with the seller in under 5min, trade was instant, seller absolute professional and friendly, as you would wish it from a real life store. Will buy here for sure again.

  29. Davai-Davai (verified owner)

    Easy trade and friendly seller, took the time with me and explained everything.
    Will definitely be back to purchase again.

  30. Dusty Wilder (verified owner)

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    Very nice deilvery, recommend this to everybody!

  32. Suavi

    Very fast delivery, just bought 10m roubles, so thank you, is recomended.

  33. Peter griffin Sanders (verified owner)

    Second time customer here, fast & good comms. Good stuff!

  34. Buyer (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, amazing service.

  35. Gud-N (verified owner)

    Verry good! quick and smooth <3

  36. scott (verified owner)

    very good, very fast i have used this 4 times now and its amazing keep up the good work

  37. Buyer (verified owner)

    Friendly guy and was fast to square me away. Extremely happy with my purchase.

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