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Here you can buy gold for 1.12.1 First Vanilla+ wow server and it is worth it, because we offer you low prices and reliable services. We would like to tell about difference between Vanilla and Vanillaplus, Also Vanillaplus’s advantages.
The most part of players prefer Vanilla, such the best version of wow playing, but, to be honest, it has own disadvantages. So proactive team of inventors, who wants to eliminate these shortages, works on absolutely new perfect vanilla (post-Naxx, Classic +, 1.14). Developers created spectacular new project for vanilla-lovers and fixed all shortages, such as broken content, specifications and etcetera. All will be working on default. It will has new thrilling experience and possibilities, but not a well-known, minimal and boring content with unfixed advantage. It will be fresh, have a second wind, surge of renewable energy and power.
Some dungeons, rate of fire and raids were turned up and were no more.
Karazhan, Hyjal, Azshara Crater, Emerald Dream, was reprocessed Outland and Northrend, balance updates(tuned talents and some spells), new Dungeons (reworked SM with merged 4wings into 1, Jaedenar, Karazhan Crypts) and much more. Different attainments was repaired.
That’s why, it is better than original vanilla.


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