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New world is a new upcoming role game. Game was created by Amazon Game Studios and Orange County. Game will be realized by Amazon Game Studios on August in 2020, however, Closed Beta testing has already been realized on April in 2020. Plot will occur in mid-1600s, where players must colonize their fiction land, like British America in the Atlantic Ocean. Players will gather resources, crafting things for fighting with another players. It has model Buy to Play in case the fact that it hasn’t monthly without fail subscription payment. It supports Windows Microsoft platform.
During getting over the difficulties you meet strange, terrifying, oldest, dangerous and mysterious buildings (Ancient Guardians). Their target has been lost to time. Even hard task of finding key for opening access by these areas seems more easy than war challenging that expects brave soldiers, who decide to enter. When you decided making way through, you face with one of the most terrifying and powerful creature, called Spriggan. Enemy Angry Earth is fast, as well as deadly. Victory over it gives you enough valuable award, to be honest, you should not that it is easy experience. You have to have patience!
And it is only beginning of your adventures. When you kill certain enemies, you get key, that teleports your on next area, where you fighting with terrible Spriggan, difficult is a powerful creature and limited time for killing it, to be honest, so you should prepare, also it is useful, if you repair your armor and arms before try making with it. Join up with other players, who manage social systems, hierarchy and organization. Set out towards adventure with brave, powerful, fearless, forceful and clever companions to battle. Smash or capture bases your enemies. Flourish company consist of masters, brave soldiers, fearless leadings, clever traders. Gather you own company and enjoy this unforgettable game with buying New World MMO in Needmana!
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