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Temtem is a multi-use role game was created by Spanish studio (Crema) and was produced by Humble Bundle.
It was realized on early access through Steam on 21 January, 2018 year. Temtem is creation of an especially unknown Spanish studio, was an unexpected sensation. A month later before realizing game’s edition had already had more 500 thousands replicas and nowadays it has been in top selling. In future, game will be planed issuing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It use target called Unity and present video games with collection that inspired Nintendo Pokémon’s series. Also Kickstarter was financial supporter for Temtem from May to June in 2018. Director became Guillermo Andrades for this game. Idea’s gameplay basically was inspired due to Pokémon’s series. In this spring, a game has already had chat with bubbles of replicas, also observer mode in Temtem.
In summer it is expected new renewal in case the fact that if has new island, called Kisiva and players can decorate own home. Also you can search emotion, domesticate climbing and tame twenty five new Temtem creatures. And in autumn developers apologize again new renewal, too. In near future It will has quest’s magazine, achievements, domestic championships, more and more new Temtem creatures, even among their we will see first in game legendary creature. At a later date, the studio plans guild wars, an auction and the opening of the island for high-level players. Players can fight with their Temtem creatures in rating duels and unite in clubs, like an analogue of game guilds.
Players explore nature and area in order to gather similar Temtem creatures for combat. Players can become leading own creatures and control their in battle. Plot includes journey through six floating island, where player faces the terrifying threat (evil organization), that plans managing this island.
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